MUIRoyale without 15+ bit display

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MUIRoyale without 15+ bit display

Post by lazi »

Maybe it has been discussed before, but I can't remember.

A Hollywood application which is using only MUIRoyale display output without the bridging facility still needs a hi-color graphics subsystem.
Could be possible for an upcoming version to live on classic chipsets?

Maybe a compiler option which makes that the graphics functions renders to nil. Of course if it is not affect on performance if there is a video card.

Or maybe a different "platform" which links a runtime code that omits the graphics rendering functions. It would be smaller and can run on classic machines without external video hardware.

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Re: MUIRoyale without 15+ bit display

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Yes, this will also be supported in the future :)

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Re: MUIRoyale without 15+ bit display

Post by Vanhapolle »

I hope also this and way here remaps images best possible way then.:) but this is not important for my ideas and my tool ideas (which i maybe do or maybe dont do with Hollywood i try solve is suitable for me or not) becouse i very likely use itself them 24bit mode. and i cannot recommend them using any other...

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Re: MUIRoyale without 15+ bit display

Post by tolkien »

Would be great to have Hollywood programs in classic chipsets!

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