Smartclock 2

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Smartclock 2

Post by Allanon »

Hello guys!
Some time ago I posted about a project called Smartclock, but my first try, even if it was nice, ended up in a complicated-to-configure program, with way too many configurable options, even for me that I coded it! :)
So I saved the good stuff and I have built a new version which is, best of all, more efficient and less cpu hungry, (thanks to the new rendering engine too).
I've coded this program to build a clock for my Pi4 with a 800x480 touchscreen that was taking dust on my desk :)

It is very simple to use: run the app and click the left mouse button (or touch the screen) to switch to the next available layout, right click to quit.


What you see in the animated gif are the example layouts I included in the repository, you can use them as a base to create your very own super-cute-clocks using the images you prefer!
The repository includes a readme file with some basic instructions, all the needed graphic resources, the example layouts and the source code complete with all the needed includes.


* Available source code
* Free
* Customizable strings to show informations in your native language
* Support for images (most common formats are supported)
* Support for animGifs as background or as objects
* Support for clock: digital, analog and graphical views
* Support OpenWeather to retrive current weather and forecast (you need a free api key)
* Support for news ticker using an RSS feed url
* Multiple layouts: click (or touch) the screen to switch the another layout
* Compatible with any system supported by Hollywood-MAL
In theory all images and animation formats supported by Hollywood should be supported by this app too but I've only tried animated gifs :)

On GitHub you can also find a build ready to use for:

* Windows64
* Linux64
* LinuxARM

Feel free to build it for your preferred system and tell me if there are any problems!

Click here for Smartclock2 repository on GitHub
Click here for the full story on my Patreon page
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Re: Smartclock 2

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Nice, thanks for sharing!

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Re: Smartclock 2

Post by Clyde »

Cool stuff!
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