AmiLion 1.1

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AmiLion 1.1

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Thanks for all your help guys, if you where one of the people who helped me with this project, let me know will gladly send you a free copy of my little app, source code is part of the app too, I will be making it free and open on 22/2/22.

it been fun getting back to programming on Hollywood and did a quick RapaGUI app too (I haven't messed with MUI / GUI for a very look time so it really took me back.

Basically I had a lot of fun and decided to make Amikit XE my kind of main Amiga setup now, really liked the Rabbit hole features and with news of the Pi version I thought I make an app that expanded the Rabbit hole feature and had quick web links. Find out more here

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Re: AmiLion 1.1

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nice and simple App, good work of graphics

since you are now "back" we are waiting for more from you in the future :)

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Re: AmiLion 1.1

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