New plugin: sfp

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New plugin: sfp

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I developped sfp (aka SysFootPrint) plugin for Hollywood.

This plugin exposes one new function to Hollywood scripts : sfp.SysInfo()

/* This function returns a table containing following subtables:
** 1)cpu table : everything about CPU model identification, capabilities (MMX, SSE, ...), caches size, frequencies
** 2)sys table : depends on operating system and can returns informations such as computer brand, bios version, motherboard and bios serial number, ...
** (under Linux motherboard and bios serial number are fetched only if application is launched with root privileges)

This plugin is available only for Intel processor as it uses CPUID assembly instruction.

Do what you want with it.
Available here :

Only Linux and Windows versions available : AROS and MacOS versions will come in a future version.

To use it:
@INCLUDE "debug.hws"
@REQUIRE "sfp"


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