Internal support for the Amiga menus

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Internal support for the Amiga menus

Post by samo79 »

Hi :-)

I would like to know if next version of Hollywood would be able to support native menus under AmigaOS and alike system (MorphOS and AROS), right now Hollywood apps are not able to access any of the usual Amiga menus (menus on top or even context menus) at all so Hollywood apps tend to look a bit "alien" compared to the classic Reaction/MUI programs, and of course feature less because that, also would be nice if a "sticky" support can be added to that menus aswell according (and following) the internal user prefs of AmigaOS4

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Re: Internal support for the Amiga menus

Post by Tarzin »

That would be a really great feature! (we could could use Designer as MUIBuilder!)
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