Windows 7: Bug in OpenFile()

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Re: Windows 7: Bug in OpenFile()

Post by Clyde »


yes, that works! Perfect, thanks a lot for that find!

But I wonder, why the old solution works on Amiga but not on Windows-PC? Andreas? :-)

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Re: Windows 7: Bug in OpenFile()

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Oops, yes, I totally missed out that the write error actually came from the *file requester* and not from Hollywood. Then of course it is clearly an error in your code. It works under AmigaOS because the Amiga requester allows specification of a non-existent file. The Windows requester however doesn't. So you have to make sure that you use save mode :) Thanks to amigaoneproductions for pointing this out!

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Re: Windows 7: Bug in OpenFile()

Post by Bugala »

i finally saw a day that Andreas didnt spot the error.

Ive been sometimes wondering how can your hawkeyes spot all those little mistakes in our codes.

I had a theory that you were a Hollywood bot, but seems i was wrong or theres error in your programming.

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