Network timeout on Android

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Re: Network timeout on Android

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Ok. It's still very weird, though, because I didn't really "fix" anything but just restructure some things but I still don't see any problem with the original code that didn't work on your device. That's why I asked you to do so many tests because I thought there must be something else that's causing the misbehaviour. But apparently, there wasn't. So I still don't understand why the original code doesn't work. Maybe it is a bug on Android or in your device's Wifi driver after all. I haven't been able to reproduce the problem on any of my Android devices anyway. So what I did isn't really a fix but just a workaround.

Well, nevertheless, good to know that it works now although I didn't really fix anything. I'll soon release an update for the APK Compiler that contains this "fix" and updated libpng and zlib versions that are allowed on the Play store.

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Re: Network timeout on Android

Post by zylesea »

Sounds strange indeed. Would be interesting to know if the bug is on other Lollipop Androids or if it is a Nexus issue. Anyway, good there is a workaround and I am looking forward to the update.

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