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Re: apk API version

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I haven't tried to upload an apk to the store in a very long time so I don't know. Sorry.
If you get an error message, please post it here or in a new thread for Andreas to look into it.
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Re: apk API version

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ok, thankyou
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Re: apk API version

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Due to the message below I figured I could try to update the android studio components.

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Incompatible Gradle Versions
../../build.gradle:4: The compileSdkVersion (30) should not be lower than the targetSdkVersion (31)
I did also update gradle, the NDK, CMake and the SDK tools.
But with API 31 installed the apk compiler failed to compile at all.

Uninstalling Android API 31 and installing 11.0 again and it does work, with the above error message.
I have not tried installing API 32 or 33 yet, but I guess it will give the same result.

Another strange thing is that after each time I do a change and use "clean current target", the arm8 apk fails to build.
When compiling a second time it will succed.
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Re: apk API version

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Can't reproduce this with APK Compiler 4.4 and Android Studio 2022.1.1 (Electric Eel).
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