Name for a new program

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Name for a new program

Post by zylesea »

i am working on another program. That program will add information to (picture) files (at least to jpgs), You will be able to mark areas and make notes what you are actually seeing there (e.g. aunt Margaret) . Program development is still in early stage but it progresses. And it needs a name.
I am lacking creativity. So far I thought of concription as a mesh-word of CONtent desCRIPTION. But it may sound too similar to conscription. Maybe conxription would make the difference to conscription a bit clearer. I also thought of picription. But a "picription" google search points to some porn content - hence, better not.
Maybe pixription, but the pic/pix prefix would narrow it to pictures only. originally I wanted to keep it open and universal, albeit pictures are probably the most important use case and my only listet target in my V1.0 design goal.

"lotham" - look that's aunt margaret
"amilc" - aunt margaret is (in) left corner
Or a word without a meaning: broefala or hinzhonz

Anyone suggestion? How do you create names?
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Re: Name for a new program

Post by Bugala »

Well, I would start by figuring out what will people who are looking for kind of software like that going to use to look for it.

"Picture Description" is not necessarily a bad name, even it is two words.

I have no clue if people are actually looking for something like that, but I can easily see how lots of people would be interested in a picture viewer like that, where writing can be added to. Like saving their old family photos to future generations by writing there "aunt may" description.

Even I am not much into something like that, even I could be interested in having something like that, as long as I would believe it would work in the future too, as in they click on pictures and can look at them and see the writing, and it would be their preferred method of looking at them.

"Write to Picture" "ToPictureWrite" "Picture Pen" "Picture Writer" "PicInk"...

something like that I would imagine.
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Re: Name for a new program

Post by amyren »

If this program is a sort of metadata editor, so the information will be stored inside the file itself it could have a name that reflects this.
Like MetaAdd or more mystical like MetaMagic
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Re: Name for a new program

Post by Juan Carlos »

Fotoalbum from Album with pictures, in this case familiar photos with a description.
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