How do I make BGPic active?

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How do I make BGPic active?

Post by Bugala »

I am getting this error when using DisableButtons which says: "A BGPic needs to be active while calling button functions!"

Problem is that this DisableButtons(x) happens when I click a Buttons, which means that it is practically happening during WaitEvent

How Do I make sure BGPic is active when that button is pressed, can I use some command before Disablebutton to make BGPic active?

And to further notice. I am not having Layers on.
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Re: How do I make BGPic active?

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Don't understand this one. Have you got an MCVE?
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Juan Carlos
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Re: How do I make BGPic active?

Post by Juan Carlos »

Perhaps to cover the button disable with the background picture you must use DisplayBGPicPart.
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