Interest to program sales program for Money?

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Interest to program sales program for Money?

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Before putting any better details, I thought I first ask if anyone is even interested.

Thing is, I would like to have my own shop program for Hollywood, but I havent really had the time to make it yet, so it came to my mind that if someone would like to earn couple of bucks, I could let one of you guys do it for me.

Idea is that the program itself wouldnt be very big, but pay would still be small compared to the work.

This is small description about the basic idea of the program.

I would want program to consist of two parts: Adding/Inventory part, and the Sales part.

Adding/Inventory parts idea would be that you could add items for the shops database with some simple system. Like clicking on "Add new item" button. After that he4 item would be displayed on screen (along with the rest, on scrollable list) and you could just click - or + button beside the item to add or take off some items.

In addition to adding items. You could also change some values on the items, like change their price. And there would also be "inventory" - button, by which you could get txt file or something that would be passable as official government reguired inventory (means it puts each item, their amounts, and their tax 0 bought price)

The sales parts idea is simply that it would display all the items on scrollable form, and then you could use + and - buttons beside the item to choose wether to add or remove them from the current bought list. Then when you would click "Buy" - button, it would first of all deduct those items from the database. as example; You have 3 Amigas on sale, and someone buys 1, then there would be 2 left in the database anymore.

In addition to this, it would also make txt file that would work as invoice that could be sent to the customers email and saved to book keeping. Naturally all the vat etc. would be calculated automatically to that invoice.

Reason for having two separate programs, one for adding stuff and one for selling is because i want to keep the sales front as easy as possible so that in case someone else is selling items instead of me (happens a lot), it would be as easy to use for them as possible. However, same database would be used for both programs. Or it could be even done so that at start of program you can either go to the database side or the sales side of the program, and then return back and fourth as you like.

As you can see, the program itself isnt very big, but since I would only be paying 200 Euros from it, its still bit big for the pay you are getting out of it.

If however some people do find interest possibly doing this, I would use designer to make example of how the program should look like to give you better idea of it.

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