Hollywood Programmer for Hire!

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Hollywood Programmer for Hire!

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Having recently been let go from my night job at a local retail store, I'm available to write Hollywood scripts and simple C plugins for you! I have equipment to support ARM Linux, x86-64 Linux, Windows x86-64, AmigaOS 3 or 4.1. For others I will need an outside tester.

If it is a large project, I'd suggest setting it up as a series of smaller sub-projects with payouts at the completion of each stage. Such a bounty system is the most fair and allows me to pursue other interests on the side while most commercial jobs often don't.

In return, I will make documented and well-commented code that can be understood by other developers if you decide to hire somebody else for part of all of the remaining sub-projects.

I'm looking forward to working for you when you need it! My qualifications include a 4 year degree in computer science from Minnesota State University, Mankato campus, here in the U.S.A. so don't be shy! The worst I can say is "Find somebody else!" ;)
I'm on registered MorphOS using FlowStudio.

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