Anyone know good Video Recorder for PC?

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Anyone know good Video Recorder for PC?

Post by Bugala »

Now that i got myself Designer 3.0 and since I have been bit lazy programming lately, I thought I could start waking my programming habbits back up by making some Tutorials for Hollywood+Designer.

However, I am having one problem. I want to make those Tutorials as Videos, since thats the easiest way to do them.

But I would need some good video rercorder software for that.

I have maybe 2 years ago downloaded about 7 different Video recorders but they were all more or less crappy, except for the commercial Camtasia Studio:

However, Camtasia studio costs 299 USD, so its not really an option for this kind of fun project only right now.

But I would anyway want screen recorder software that would hopefully have one feature that Camtasia Studio has, for it had this system that when you recorded, it recorded the whole screen (if you chose so) to the harddisk (like every other software did too), but afterwards you were able to edit that video so that it zoomed to some specific place on the screen.

This would be most useful for my plan of Designer Tutorials, as idea is to use Designers possibility of adding code to objects, so at these points it would be very much more clear and nicer for the viewer if i could zoom the code so he could easily read what I am writing in there.

So anyone know either free or a reasonable costing screen recording program like this?

What about this Camstudio program:

Have anyone used that if that ones good? For I would rather not download and test out anymore of those screen recording programs unless i first have recommendation about them. Testing out those maybe 7 was already quite painful task and in the end they all proved to be somewhat waste of time, so Im not very interested in trying out any more of them.

thanks from any help you can give.

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Re: Anyone know good Video Recorder for PC?

Post by Clyde »


You could try FRAPS ( The latest version is just $37 (in comparision to Camtasia) and this software is a favourite one for gamers who capture their gaming. There is also an old but free version of FRAPS available:

Sorry, this is just in German, but I think you will find the Download button. :-) Maybe this is suitable?

However, looking forward to video tutorials (from you)!

Have fun!
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Re: Anyone know good Video Recorder for PC?

Post by Allanon »

I'm using <Free Screen Recorder> on Win7, here is the link

It does not have many options, but just do what's supposed to do: record anything you see on your screen :)
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Re: Anyone know good Video Recorder for PC?

Post by Bugala »

If anyone of you have ever used Camtasia Studio, then if you happen to know, tell me the next.

I am right now editing my first tutorial video. I have already done the cutting, and now I am doing the "Pan n Zoom" part.

However, I bumped into one slight problem. For it appears, that every time there comes a cut, it resets the "Pan n Zoom" from taht place.

I can of course just make the similar Pan n Zoomeffect again, starting from the first frame of that new cut, but it wil take some work. So I am hoping for some other solution.

Actually, had i knew this from beginning, I should have first done the Pan N Zooming and after that do the cutting, since that way the Pan N Zoom had stayed on the new cuts to my understanding.

What I am right now trying is that I am making the cutted video as one big video file. I hope I can then load it to the Camtasia Studio and do the Pan N Zoom the normal way without worrying about the cuts resetting them anymore. Im however not sure if that will work, and it seems it will still take about 3 hours for it to render it, so I am basically hoping someone to answer me in very short time that I can cancel the rendering and start editing it more unless the way I am doing is the best way to do it.

For main problem is that I have lately been having only very lmimted time on doing this video tutorial, and Camtasias Demo time is closing in two weeks already and I am hoping to get at least tutorial 2 made still before that.

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