Request to keep an eye on Forum for next 2 days.

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Request to keep an eye on Forum for next 2 days.

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As i have side mentioned in General Programming questions, i have participated in Christiain Developer Networks Game Making contest.

Time to make that game however is ending, and i wont be able to get my game finished the way i wanted, but have to cut down some stuff from it to get it at least completeable.

At the posting of this message there was 2 days and 5 hours left to make the game still.

Therefore I am asking if you guys who are able to answer programming questions similar to ones i have been postiing in recent days could do me a great favor and keep watching Hollywood Forums a bit more frequently for next 2 days than you usually do, so that i could get answers to my possible porgramming problems quick and it wouldnt delay my progress so much.

Thanks a dozen if you do so!

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