Playlistconverter V1.0

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Playlistconverter V1.0

Post by gerograph »

Here we go... first showcase:

Playlistconverter 1.0

A "Wizard" for converting playlists. Basically it accepts all sorts of Windows/Amiga based playlists (Winamp, Win Mediaplayer, Plain text lists..., Tunenet etc -- m3u, pls, plain...) as input, and converts them to different outputformats (incl. m3u,pls,asx for HTC mobile phones). All generated playlists can either saved with "Amiga like pathes" (MP3:songs/mysongs/song.mp3) or "Windows like pathes" (C:\songs\mysongs\song.mp3). If you want to change the pathes during processing, you can also do that:

Lets say you are shifting some MP3 from "DH3:songs" to your mobile phone into "/memory card/mp3songs". The playlsit you generated with tunenet should be converted in asx (readable for example by HTC mobile phone media player) and pathes should correspond to new mp3 location -> no problem Playlistconverter takes care of that, it has a inbuild path search/replace mechanism. You can download Amiga 68k/PPC Version from OS4Depot and Aminet. Otherwise check out:

Gero Birkenfeld

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Re: Playlistconverter V1.0

Post by HelmutH »

A new version at Playlistconverter is RELEASED !! V1.1 (13.05.2010)

Playlistconverter 1.1
greeting Helmut

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