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New Game: AI

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:37 pm
by Bugala
I participated in ChrstianDevs Speedgame 2019 this year too.

While overall I got ranked #4 I did actually win in two categories: Best Fun Game (shared #1) and Most Original Concept, in which I got the maximum 5 points.

AI is a realtime strategy game where you are in control of an AI that sends Robots to kill humans.

But you cant control any of the Robots individually, but you can only choose when and from where to send them, and you can only control what ALL Robots are trying to do at any time, after that, Robots themselves decide how to achieve that target themselves.

After competition I have lazily been working on a release version since the one I sent to competition wasnt quite ready, missing such critical features as Save Game option and possibility to complete it properly. In the competition version, I fixed the problem by giving a chance to complete the game already after completing level 2.

In this Release version, in addition to being properly completable (5 levels to beat), there are also upgrades and other tweaks and fixes.

This isn't bug-free however, but since most bugs are beneficial to the player, like sometimes coder being killed twice or even triple times to make it easier to beat the level, I don't have intention to fix them.

to support Indiego Appstore, AI will only be available through Indiego Appstore for now, but I will at later point upload it to Aminet too.

Notice however that this does need quite a heavy machine to play, around X1000, there are however some options to make the game run faster, to work on lower spec machines well enough too, but they will come at a cost of stability, perhaps even crashing the game, but then again, you can always try the level again.

If you like to have a peek at the game, you can check this video where the competition version is being reviewed by individual YouTuber (ranking AI to #5 only):

If you don't already have Indiego Appstore, get it from here:

Re: New Game: AI

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 1:57 pm
by Bugala
Correction, I was actually ranked #3 overall.

Re: New Game: AI

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 8:16 pm
by Juan Carlos
Really, is there one ChrstianDevs Speedgame 2019? And in USA? Besides to programming you are praying the event?

Re: New Game: AI

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2019 9:45 pm
by Bugala
Not in the USA, but on the Internet.

It used to be Annual Speedgame competition: ... age_id=509

But since times change and unfortunately people moved away from Forums, can now be found from waybackmachine and likes only.

However, Christian Developers / Game Developers have moved to Facebook and likes, and Speedgame is still held every year, lately in

There is also an association called Christian Game Developers (CGD) which has a Christian Game Developers Conference(CGDC) each year, and that conference has been in the USA always, there have however been talks of having another conference in Europe as well, but it hasn't happened yet at least.

Speedgames idea have always been in large part in figuring out new ways of how a game could have some Christian content in one way or another.