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Coque is the word that Hugo used when he was 2 years old for what we call car (coche in Spanish). As you can imagine, he loves to play with toy cars so I decided to make a little game for Android devices. I developped the game three years ago using QT/QML and it is available at Google Play since then.

This is a port of the Android game. It is not a perfect conversion and the mouse is required to interact clicking on the items instead of touching the screen. You can see a video of the game running in Morphos here

The game is very simple, keep in mind that my son was two years old. All you have to do is to click on the objects and animals that appear while our car travels on an infinite road (do not expect to get anywhere). You can click the animals and listen to their sounds, make the tractor move and make the day become night clicking on the sun... In addition kids can learn the numbers from 1 to 5 and a few colors.

You can download the Morphos version from Aminet.

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That looked real good. Just brand it with some companys stuff, like for example change into duplo car etc. and it could easily go as one of some big companys website/mobile games that they have nowadays.

I had this Duplo game from lego for my daughter on my mobile couple years ago, and it had some stuff bit similar to this. This would have fitted that Duplo game perfectly. Very good job. Simple but working.

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