EmuLa v1.7 released!

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EmuLa v1.7 released!

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EmuLa v1.7 build 34 is available!

If you are coming from a previous release hit the [UPDATE] button to get the latest version
If you install this new version hit [UPDATE] to get the last minute change that allow you to run Genesis games on AROS.

Change Log:
  • FIX : Removed an annoying flickering effect visible when the first gadget of the most recently opened window was hilighted.
  • NEW : License and update servers are no more hardcoded, this means that they can be updated and changed easily and in no time in case of downtimes or service provider changes.
  • NEW : Now EmuLa remembers last main window's position and size.
  • NEW : Hold down RIGHT-SHIFT while EmuLa is loading to reset main window's position & size to the default values.
  • FIX : When EmuLa was updated sometimes the program was reporting an error writing the preferences file. Fixed.
  • NEW : Added support for label's skins
  • NEW : Added World Wide High Score system! It is accessible by the little cup icon on the rom buttons row.
  • DATABASES => NEW : Support for SuperNES rom set : 2707 roms recognized.
  • SERVER => UPD : License & Highscores server updated for better performances and new features.
Here is a screenshot of the Highscore window

EmuLa Highscore Window

EmuLa web page
Support Forum
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