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My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 12:07 pm
by Allanon
Hello all,
I'd like to show you my new documentation site you can visit clicking here, what do you think? :D

But it's not all because there is another news linked with the docs site.
As many of you already know, I'm an Hollywood developer since many years, during these years I've developed many libraries that helped me in all my projects and I believe that these libraries can be useful for all Hollywood developers as well.
Recently I've tried to sell some of my works and I thank all people that have bought them, however my new goal is to share ALL my libraries for FREE, including HGui.
I know that for complex libraries like HGui is, the documentation is an essential part, as well as a bunch of examples and tutorials, but unfortunatly to write the documentation, the tutorials and the examples a huge amount of time is needed so I thought about a possible solution to raise some funds and finance this huge work using Patreon.

This way I can steal some more time from my job and keep my Hollywood stuff updated, bugs free, fully documented and FREE for everyone interested. To demonstrate my good will, I've launched the documentation site as I've written above, there is also a public support forum where we can discuss together about bugs, new features and everything about my libraries here.

If you are interested and want to speed up the process of releasing full documented libraries I kindly ask you to support me in this adventure :-)

My Pareon Page

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 2:59 pm
by Bugala
There is no possibility in patron page to donate one time sums, but only monthly option?

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Sun Oct 09, 2016 4:31 pm
by Allanon
On Patreon you can create a plan on a per-content basis or a monthly subscription, I've selected the second one to make it simple and to allow everyone with 1 $ per month to access to the only-patreon feed.
As stated on Patreon "You can cancel or edit your pledge at any time", so if you like, you can subscribe for a single month, wait until you are charged (it should be every 1st on the month) and unsubscribe right after.

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 6:35 pm
by airsoftsoftwair
This huge effort certainly deserves some support, I've just pledged $1 per month... keep up the good work!

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 7:13 pm
by Allanon
Thank you very much! :)

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2016 7:40 pm
by Allanon
Here is a brief update of my recent work:

ANSI Library (1.0) fully documented, download it from here
  • Ansi.GetClearCharacters(chars)
  • Ansi.GetCursorDown(lines)
  • Ansi.GetCursorLeft(columns)
  • Ansi.GetCursorMove(row, column)
  • Ansi.GetCursorRight(columns)
  • Ansi.GetCursorUp(lines)
  • Ansi.GetDeleteLines(lines)
  • Ansi.GetDeleteCharacters(chars)
  • Ansi.GetInsertBlankLines(lines)
  • Ansi.GetInsertCharacters(chars)
  • Term.CTLine(character, txt, style)
  • Term.Input(t, wordwrap, linefeed)
  • Term.Line(character, style)
  • Term.Print(t, wordwrap, newlineoffset, linefeed, getdata)
  • Term.TEST()
Easing Library (1.3) fully documented, download it from here
  • tween.count()
  • tween.reset(id)
  • tween.resetAll()
  • tween.start(time, subject, target, easing, callback, …)
  • tween.stop(id, callback)
  • tween.stopAll(callback)
  • tween.update(dt)
  • tween.TEST()
HelpersLibrary (1.5) fully documented, download it from here

  • HL.BufferedString:New()
  • BufferedStringObj:AddChar(c)
  • BufferedStringObj:Get()
  • HL.Color:New(params)
  • ColorObj:Brighten(delta)
  • ColorObj:Clone()
  • ColorObj:Darken(delta)
  • ColorObj:fromARGB(a, r, g, b)
  • ColorObj:fromValue(value)
  • ColorObj:toARGBValue()
  • ColorObj:toRGBValue()
Conversion functions
  • HL.Convert.BytesTo(bytes, target, decimals)
  • HL.Convert.ForTextOut(text)
  • HL.Convert.HTML2Hollywood(text)
  • HL.Convert.HTMLAmper2UTF8(html_amper)
  • HL.Convert.HTMLTag2HollywoodTag(html_tag)
  • HL.Convert.Unicode2UTF8(value)
Input Helpers
  • HL.Input.CheckJoystick(waitKey, waitRelease)
  • HL.Input.CheckKeyboard(keyList, waitKey, waitRelease)
Misc Functions
  • HL.CutBetweenLimits(txt, sLimit, eLimit, tags)
  • HL.CutStringLeft(text, maxLen)
  • HL.CutStringRight(text, maxLen)
  • HL.GetBetweenLimits(txt, sLimit, eLimit)
  • HL.GetRndColor(alpha)
  • HL.GetRndName()
  • HL.IsNil(value) (Obsolete)
  • HL.IsNotNil(value) (Obsolete)
  • HL.ParseRunArgs(CaseSensitive)
  • HL.Safe(value) (Obsolete)
  • HL.SizeString(txt, size)
  • HL.Value2Perc(Range, Value)
  • HL.WaitForAction(key, delay, callback, timeout, timeout_callback, userdata)
Tables Library (1.3) fully documented, download it from here

Tables comparisons
  • TB.Compare(table1, table2, compare_funcs)
  • TB.CompareScore(table1, table2, compare_funcs, count, equals)
Tables conversions
  • TB.Convert.String2Table(string, separator)
  • TB.Convert.Table2String(table, separator)
Table's items related functions
  • TB.Item.Compare(record1, record2, greater, columns)
  • TB.Item.Exists(table, index)
  • TB.Item.Find(table, value, caseSensitive, exactString)
  • TB.Item.IsNil(table, index)
Misc functions
  • TB.Copy(Source, SkipFunc)
  • TB.Count(table)
  • TB.Fill(Source, StartIndex, EndIndex, Value)
  • TB.Interpolate(Source, StartIndex, EndIndex, StartValue, EndValue, mode)
  • TB.Join(table1, table2)
  • TB.Merge(table1, table2, overwrite)
  • TB.PushDown(table, pos)
  • TB.PushUp(table, pos)
  • TB.ReIndex(oldKey, newKey, source)
  • TB.ReplaceChars(table, chars, replacer, recursive, casing)
  • TB.Set(Source, Changes, ReturnsNew)
  • TB.ShiftDown(table)
  • TB.ShiftUp(table)
  • TB.Sort(table, descending, column, associated, type)
  • TB.TrimSpaces(table, recursive)
Ok, that's all for now ;)

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Tue Nov 08, 2016 9:28 am
by Allanon
Hello all,
Date & Time library is available with full docs, here is a brief list of what it offers:

  • DT.DateToDays(dd, mm, yy)
  • DT.DaysToDate(days, format)
  • DT.IsLeap(Year)
  • DT.MillisecondsToTime(MS, decimal)
  • DT.MinutesToTime(mins)
  • DT.MonthToNumber(month)
  • DT.NDate_AddDays(dd, mm, yy, days)
  • DT.NumberToMonth(month)
  • DT.SDate_AddDays(sDate, days)
  • DT.SecondsToTime(secs)
  • DT.TEST()
  • DT.TimeToMinutes(Tim)
  • DT.TimeToSeconds(Tim)
Time Object and its methods:
  • TimeObj:Add(tObj)
  • TimeObj:New(timedef)
  • TimeObj:NewFileLastChange(filename)
  • TimeObj:NewNow()
  • TimeObj:Sub(tObj)
  • TimeObj:dbgPrint()
  • TimeObj:equalTo(tObj, threshold)
  • TimeObj:fromSeconds(seconds)
  • TimeObj:fromString(s, mode)
  • TimeObj:fromUnixTimeStamp(timestamp)
  • TimeObj:greaterThan(tObj, threshold)
  • TimeObj:lesserThan(tObj, threshold)
  • TimeObj:toSeconds()
  • TimeObj:toString(fmt)
  • TimeObj:toUnixTimeStamp()
My Patreon page here
Date & Time Docs here
Download here

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:59 am
by Allanon
GFX library is available with full docs, here is a brief list of what it offers:

- GFX.Font:Apply()
- GFX.Font:Load(file)
- GFX.Font:New(params)
- GFX.Font:Save(file)
- GFX.Font:Set(Params)

- GFX.Image.Get(ImageName)
- GFX.Image.List()
- GFX.Image:Add(ImageName, ImageFile, Size)
- GFX.Image:Clone(ClonedName, TintParams)
- GFX.Image:Draw(Position)
- GFX.Image:NewLayer(LayerName, Position, Hidden)
- GFX.Image:Reload()
- GFX.Image:Remove()
- GFX.Image:Resize(width, height, smooth)

- GFX.OutputDevice.EndSelect()
- GFX.OutputDevice.GetCurrent()
- GFX.OutputDevice.Select(Object, ID, Mode, Frame, LayerCMode)

- GFX.Brush.HShift(brush, x)
- GFX.Brush.VShift(brush, y)
- GFX.DisplayExists(dispID)
- GFX.GetHostSize()
- GFX.ImageFX.AddFrame(image_brush, border, shadow, infos, size, rounding)
- GFX.ImageFX.Reflex(image, direction, scale, color, color_strenght, alpha, kill_source)
- GFX.ImageFX.Scale(image, destx, desty, IsSprite, Maximize, ExactSize, NewWithAlpha)
- GFX.SafeClipRegion(ClipID, Shape, xStart, yStart, Width, Height)
- GFX.Text.GetWidth(txt)
- GFX.Text.WordWrap(txt, length)

- GFX.Test_BrushShift()
- GFX.Test_ImageObjects()
- GFX.Test_PhotoFrame()
- GFX.Test_Reflection()

My Patreon page here
GFX Lib Docs here
Download here

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:48 pm
by airsoftsoftwair
Great, this is a really useful addition to the core Hollywood command set!

Re: My new documentation site and about where I'm heading :)

Posted: Tue Apr 25, 2017 6:17 pm
by Allanon
Hello all,

G2D library has been released, it is a 2d-oriented library that adds a lot of tools to handle 2d graphical areas but the best feature it has (in my opinion) it's a full featured skinning system that also allow multi-layered skinning. This library has been heavily used with HGui to build gadgets and to make skinning possible.

The library is provided with its dependancies and some examples.

Here is a brief list of what it offer:

- G2D.Area:Box(color, offset)
- G2D.Area:FillColor(color)
- G2D.Area:FillPattern(BrushID)
- G2D.Area:Move(x, y, absolute)
- G2D.Area:New(x, y, w, h)
- G2D.Area:Scale(WFactor, HFactor)
- G2D.Area:SkinBevel(colors, aspect)
- G2D.Area:SkinColor(color, alpha)
- G2D.Area:SkinFitMax(brush, offset, alpha, align)
- G2D.Area:SkinFitMin(brush, offset, alpha, align, border)
- G2D.Area:SkinGradient(col1, col2, alpha, angle)
- G2D.Area:SkinHPattern(brush, offset, alpha)
- G2D.Area:SkinHPattern3S(brush, sectors, alpha, vadapt)
- G2D.Area:SkinMulti(levels, offset)
- G2D.Area:SkinPattern(brush, offset, alpha, size)
- G2D.Area:SkinPattern9S(brush, sectors, alpha, vadapt)
- G2D.Area:SkinQuick(SkinBrush, Mode)
- G2D.Area:SkinShades(colList, angle)
- G2D.Area:SkinStretch(brush, offset, alpha, stretch_fix)
- G2D.Area:SkinVPattern(brush, offset, alpha)
- G2D.Area:SkinVPattern3S(brush, sectors, alpha, vadapt)
- G2D.Area:Snapshot(BGPic)

- G2D.Point:Distance(point2D)
- G2D.Point:DotProduct(point2D)
- G2D.Point:MidPoint(point2D, NewObject)
- G2D.Point:New(x, y)
- G2D.Point:Normal2D(Point2D, s)
- G2D.Point:Normalize()
- G2D.Point:Rotate(point, angle)
- G2D.Point:Scale(point, scaleW, scaleH)

- G2D.Poly:Collide(Poly2)
- G2D.Poly:Draw()
- G2D.Poly:New(params)
- G2D.Poly:Project(Axis)
- G2D.Poly:SetAnchor(anchorX, anchorY)
- G2D.Poly:SetAngle(angle)
- G2D.Poly:SetScale(scaleWidth, scaleHeight)
- G2D.Poly:Translate(x, y)
- G2D.TEST_Poly()

- G2D.BGPic.CreateSkinned(width, height, skin_struct)

- Documentation
- Download

This library is FREE but donations are welcome, it would be a great help for me if you could consider the possibility to support me on Patreon! I have many nice stuff for you all to share! :D