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Re: RNOInfoScreen

Postby jPV » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:01 pm

HelmutH wrote:Hi jPV
Have you more invisible gadgets in the full screen modus?
I have found in the down right corner a pull frame with which the window can be scaled down,
but only if no information is displayed in the window.

No, just those two in upper corners are intentional. I actually should remove that resizing possibility when in fullscreen mode, I just didn't think that in time.. thanks for reminding me :) It can confuse people now when there are other intentional gadgets. The program designed so that you shouldn't resize the window in fullscreen mode, but can resize in windowed mode.

And I would like to write a report for the Amiga Future over RNOInfoScreen and RNOAnim, is that okay for you?

Neil Pearson actually wrote an article about RNOAnim (1.0/1.1) in Amiga Future 127, so check it and decide if you would have anything else to say about the program :)

But anyway, it's ok for me if someone wants to write about my programs anywhere. I don't have anything against it and it's always nice to see own program mentioned somewhere. It would be nice to see the text beforehand so that I could check if there are any errors in it, and I can also point out if writer has missed some features etc.
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Re: RNOInfoScreen

Postby HelmutH » Wed Aug 16, 2017 11:22 pm

Hi jPV
Okay, to the report of RNOAnim I had now no longer thought, since it was already in the last issue in it was.
And as I have experience from Andreas Magerl someone else already writes one for RNOInfoScreen.
But I do not know who. If you want to know this, you should write to Andreas Magerl.
greeting Helmut
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Re: RNOInfoScreen

Postby jPV » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:20 pm

New 1.5 version:
- Support for embedded images in MP3 files (ID3v2.3.0)
- Doesn't crash when iconified
- On-screen volume level indicator
- The invisible depth gadget now switches the screen to the back in the standard way
- UTF-8 support
- Option to launch an external script with the tab key
- ARexx support
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