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Game: Kings of Israel board game Amiga version

Posted: Sun Mar 13, 2016 9:22 am
by Bugala
Not complete yet, but because it is quite playable already and my development on it is going to slow down, I decided to add it to "Showcase" already:

As a special note of interest to this forums members, this version is now also using modified version of Leo De Hollanders "Simple Gadgets" earlier version.

from indiego appstore:

Important things have happened and this is a big leap to much more playable game.

- There is now a debugfile.txt created during run. If you encounter a crash, save this file and send it to me.

- I have started writing a readme file which is there, but it is not very complete yet. (I just realised i should have mentioned the rules of the game in there).

- There is now a layout system which lets you yourself make your own layouts to the game.
To fix layouts is not most ideal, but it does its purpose. NOTICE: When you go to edit layout, those boxes will stay until you quit the program. Therefore, edit, quit, and restart the game. There is now different layout for each 2, 3, 4 prophet version of game, making it much more playable than before.

- Lots of bugs have been fixed and now most games that i played, didnt crash, but i was able to play them till the end.

- There is no end. There only comes a message telling if you won or lost, and after that it either continues as normal, or crashes - no need to report of this crash, it is normal and supposed to happen, there is simply no handling of win/lose yet. neither is there any way to get back to main menu after game starts, but to restart the game.

- ESC to QUIT at any time!

Amiga OS 4 version has a bug, you must select "window" mode at start, everything else fails. However, not tested if 1920x1080 resolution screen would work, since thats what this game runs on normally.

Runs on SAM440EP, but as i didnt have that big screen available, it was hard to read the text on cards, but speed was okay.

as last. Development of this game have slowed down a lot because i havent been able to justify to myself to use that time on making a free game. I havent abandoned this project, but it will continue to be much slower on updates in future too.

Good news however is that I have started working on my first Commercial Game project.

For more: ... at&order=0

Re: Game: Kings of Israel board game Amiga version

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:50 pm
by lazi
I would like to try your game, but can not get past the indiego appstore.
It feels just like some obstacle which I don't like to remove.

Is there any other way to download the game?

Re: Game: Kings of Israel board game Amiga version

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:41 am
by Bugala
I was originally planning to upload only the final version to aminet to avoid unfinished versions spreading around in future, but now that i have moved this game as a side project (making progress very slow), maybe i upload it to aminet already. I will take a look at it at some point. I have never uploaded anything to aminet, so i am not sure how that happens, and i will also consider if i should do another update first before uploading it to aminet.

EDIT: and then i remembered indiego offers direct download links nowadays:
AOS3: ... 8fb1ce5d90
AOS4: ... e9dd2c66a0
AROS: ... 435ae7753a
MorphOS: ... 5e3cc4084f

did this solve your problem?

Re: Game: Kings of Israel board game Amiga version

Posted: Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:30 pm
by lazi
Thanks, this way much easier.
Tried it for a short glimpse. It works :)
Fullscreen, fullhd (Peg2 OS4). The visuals are nice.
Lots of messages... :) Will try to understand the game, and come back to tell you how it is went.

Thanks for your help!