Someone interested in some libs/includes?

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Re: Someone interested in some libs/includes?

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Hello all!
I've published a new library on Github.

The aim of this library is to handle scrolling texts using layers, this will enable the coder to use layer's advanced features without the need to process the scrolling text graphics.

The library supports many events that are triggered in various situation and can be used to produce great visuals, for example it supports the OnBeforeUpdate and OnAfterUpdate that can be used to manage a background and a foreground with the scrolling text in the middle.

Have a look at the TEST 02 to see how it works, it shows how to implement a simple animated background under a scrolling text and an animated foreground on the top, TEST 01 instead shows why it is nice to render the scrolling texts into layers.


Code: Select all

- SLT.Init()
- SLT.Update()
- SLT.Free()
- SLT.Pause()
- SLT.Resume() 

- SLT.TaskObject:New()
- SLT.TaskObject:Draw()
- SLT.TaskObject:Update()
- SLT.TaskObject:Pause()
- SLT.TaskObject:Resume()
- SLT.TaskObject:Remove()

- SLT.TEST_01()
- SLT.TEST_02()
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Happy coding! :)
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Re: Someone interested in some libs/includes?

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Very nice, thanks a lot!

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