@DISPLAY LayerScale from bigger to small bug.

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@DISPLAY LayerScale from bigger to small bug.

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I tried to open 4000x3000 display and then use scalelayer to make it fit whatever window screen size you have.

@DISPLAY(4000, 3000, AUTOFIT=TRUE, AUTOSCALE=TRUE, BORDERLESS=TRUE) (from memory, commands are bit different in reality)

As example.

You are using 800x600 resolution.
You start program and it makes as big window as can be fit on your current display (in this case 800x600)
Program however, right at start tries to make 4000x3000 display, which it will autoscale down to 800x600.

However, this failed. It asks you to choose different display and fails on all of them.

This is only a minor bug in my case, since i was able to get around of this.

I just open 800x600 screen, and put AutoScale on, and then LoadBgpicture(image.jpg) that is size of 4000x3000 and it scales and works fine wihtout any complains, just like i meant it to.

A quickdown.

Autoscale fails, if you try to open right at beginning of program using @DISPLAY command a resolution that is bigger than your current resolution.

It works fine the otherway round. If you try open 320x256 and put autoscale on, no problem.

You can get around the problem, by using:
LoadBgPicturre(1, image.jpg)

And loading image that is bigger than your current resolution.

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