[26 Jan 2010] Event-Handling in HW4.5

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[26 Jan 2010] Event-Handling in HW4.5

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Note: This is an archived post that was originally sent to the Hollywood mailing list on Tue, 26 Jan 2010 10:04:00 -0000

Hi, I finally have updated to HW4.5 and I'm trying now to get my HW4.0 script run in HW4.5 :-)

With HW4.5, Mouse-Events, like "OnMouseUP", have the additional table field "ID" which will be set to the display that received the event.

Buttons also have an "ID" which is set to the button-ID triggering the event.

My question now is, how can i distinguish between "OnMouseUp"-Events which are triggered by buttons and those which are triggered by just clicking on a display?

In HW4.0, I checked if there's an ID field and then, I knew if it was a button or not. But how can I do it now in HW4.5?

The second question is about masks and alpha/transperancy. I want to have a GREY, transperent layer over the display, to darken the currently visible things. That's quite easy so far. But how can i create a mask/layer where everthing is darkend but not some certain area (which is used to highlight a certain object then). I would like to define an area of arbitrary form that is not darkend by the first, grey layer but for an easy start, it's enough to have, let's say, a circle, which should function as a hole in the dark layer.
From the documentation, i can see, that i have to use Brushes to achieve that effect, right? Unfortunately, i couldn't get how to create something like described above?
Maybe someone can help me here?

Thanks, Tom