[23 Aug 2008] codepage problem

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[23 Aug 2008] codepage problem

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Note: This is an archived post that was originally sent to the Hollywood mailing list on Sat, 23 Aug 2008 22:06:53 +0200
Hello Andreas!

I am working on "porting" my scripts to other platforms. The first obstacle was the missing truetype support on the win and mac side. After changed to bitmap fonts the win executable runs almost fine (except fullscreen). The mac version has codepage problems, and it is bad for me because the filenames has accented characters.

To look after the problem I made a test script that displays all characters from a bitmap font via print(chr(x)). The OS4 and mac screenshots are attached. (It is normal that some characters are half sized in vertical.)

I found that the over $80 characters are different on the two platforms.

Please help me to cover this problem.
Well, this is a pretty complicated issue. The general problem is that Hollywood does not currently support Unicode. I think the Mac OS version is probably hard-coded to ISO 8859 or Mac Roman or something so you will probably encounter differences if you use special Hungarian characters.

Unfortunately, this is not easily to be fixed. All you can currently do is to see where the differences occur and then use special code for each platform using GetVersion(). I know that this is inconvenient, but getting Hollywood ready for Unicode requires a lot of work.

In the long run, however, Unicode support is planned. As soon as Unicode support is in, there'll be no more codepage problems between the different platforms. But currently it's not top priority, because - to tell the truth - most users are from Western Europe or USA/Australia/New Zealand and for them it works fine as it is :)

I'm posting this to Hollywood ML because it might be of interest for other Hollywood users. In general, you should always use the mailing list if the matter is not confidential.