[27 Jan 2008] Thank you, Lazar

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[27 Jan 2008] Thank you, Lazar

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Note: This is an archived post that was originally sent to the Hollywood mailing list on Sun, 27 Jan 2008 11:51:15 +0100 (CET)

Hello dear friend:

Thank you for your offer,, but what is PEB? because I don't know that is it, and about your example guru.lha, well I downdloaded but the file indicates to me that is bad, currently I'm in my little free time doing and testing some routines to creates bigger proyects but now I'm clogged in two problems the first open/save files with information, example name, street, etc, with the object of to do programs with preferences, and some programs of private use, and the second problem is doing animations with png frames, for example for buttons that change one face, and some day will to do a board game, for the present time only tools, as my current proyect one little program to clean the IBrowse caches, but I need one preferences file to save the paths, this is my problem save/read one txt file, and if Hollywood can read binary files creates with other program made in Hollywood, to do games.

Best regards from your friend Juan Carlos and thank you for your help,.