Some features not supported on RapaGUI on Android!?

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Some features not supported on RapaGUI on Android!?

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I noticed that the "frametitle" attribute for a HGroup and ColGroup doesn't work on my Android 10 phone.
The frame is also missing for the ColGroup.

The "accept" attribute for a TextEntry object isn't supported either, I set it to "0123456789,." but all other chars are accepted too.

Is this a bug or a limitation?

On MorphOS this is working like excepted.

Code: Select all

 * RapaGUI Android Test

** This script requires the RapaGUI plugin

** Information about this app
@APPTITLE "RapaDroidTest"

@OPTIONS {Encoding = #ENCODING_ISO8859_1}

/* Handles all incoming events */
Function p_EventFunc(msg)
	Switch msg.action
	Case "RapaGUI":
		Case "winMain":
			moai.set("winMain", "open", false);

InstallEventHandler({RapaGUI = p_EventFunc})

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<application id="app">
	<Window id="winMain" title="Test" notify="closeRequest;">
					<button id="butSave">Save</button>
					<button id="butLoad">Load</button>
				<VGroup frame="true" frameTitle="Titel1">
						<choice id="choice" notify="active"/>
						<button id="butPlus" fixWidth="true">+</button>
						<button id="butMinus" fixWidth="true">-</button>

					<ColGroup columns="2">					
						<Label>Name  :</Label> <textentry id="strName" advanceOnCR="true" notify="text"/>
						<Label>Nummer:</Label> <textentry id="strNum" accept="0123456789,." advanceOnCR="true" notify="text"/>
			<ColGroup columns="4" frame="true" frametitle="Titel2">
				<Label align="center">Lab1</Label>
				<Label align="center">Lab2</Label>
				<Label align="center">Lab3</Label>
				<Label align="center">Lab4</Label>
				<text align="center" id="txt1" frame="True"/>
				<text align="center" id="txt2" frame="True"/>
				<text align="center" id="txt3" frame="True"/>
				<text align="center" id="txt4" frame="True"/>


Repeat WaitEvent() Forever
Here is the MorphOS screenshot:

And there the one from Android:

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Re: Some features not supported on RapaGUI on Android!?

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Yes, there are some limitations on Android because some stuff is not possible with Android's native widgets (e.g. frame titles).

Textentry.Accept is supported but with some limitations. What is confusing RapaGUI here is that you pass a comma so it doesn't recognize that you want to have a numbers-only text entry widget. If you remove the comma, it should work fine, e.g. use "0123456789." or "0123456789.-" if you also need negative numbers. Then it should work.

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