1280x720 too high as resolution?[SOLVED]

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1280x720 too high as resolution?[SOLVED]

Post by NubeCheCorre » Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:44 pm

Hi People! it's me again :-)

I need to know if 1280x720 is too much for hollywood or there is something else, that's beacuse if i try to set up that resolution, i get an "out of memory" message, event if i still have 100Mb of FreeRam and 85Mb of VideoRam (Radeon 9250)..

This is the line:

SetDisplayAttributes({Borderless = True, Width = 1280, Height = 720 })

Edit: ok found the problem.. I had PPaint opened behind and that was the cause of the "out of memory". Closing it and relaunching the script solved the problem

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