Replacing Brushes

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Re: Replacing Brushes

Post by djrikki » Wed Apr 27, 2011 10:32 pm


Thanks for your sourcecode, using the double buffering technique seems the way to go for my application.

I have applied it across my application and it works really well so far. Although still some work to go.

What I am trying to develop is an intuitive and modern File Requester for future applications developed in Hollywood.

I still have a little work to do, like foreinstance I am unsure how I am going to handle a lister (if it can be done!), and if I can pull this off I will release the sourcecode on OS4Depot. The hope is that other Hollywood developers will like the interface, pick it up and use it instead of calling the AmigaOS file requester - which personally I think looks really really old.

Planned features:

* Panel down left-hand side: Quick-access to network drives (SMBFS), a Home button to show all available drives, an Assignments button to show all available assignments (this will be OFF by default, but the developer (you) can turn it ON if you wish), a CD Icon for accessing optical devices, a USB icon, a RAM icon, HDD icon for asking hard disks/partitions and...

* Panel down left-hand side: Detect if Push4Dock is installed, and show additional icons for Documents, Downloads, Music, Images and Videos.

* Common icons: Delete file, Parent, Rename and Create New Folder.

* Advanced icons: ON by default. Access to simple Image Manipulations such as Rotate Left/Right, GrayScale, Invert, Flip, Scaling and perhaps cropping - nothing to fancy. Also a Screen Capture icon, which after a 5 second delay will capture the screen and ask the user where to save the image.

* Locale support.
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Re: Replacing Brushes

Post by pecaN » Thu Apr 28, 2011 9:29 am

Hi djrikki,
if you're not using layers why don't you use sprites instead of brushes ??? I am currently working on a project without layers and sprites are very fast and easy to handle with and they don't leave remnants!

example (not a real code, just my thoughts :-) ) :
Load Sprite(1,"pix,iff")
DisplaySprite(1,#center,#center) - displays sprite in the centre
... now try to flip the sprite with Flip command
DisplaySprite(1,0,0) - thios will display flipped sprite at 0,0 with no remnant because sprite can be used only once on the screen !!! This is the difference between brushes and sprites, because brushes can be used many times... So if you write


you will have 2 brushes on the screen

while writting

will result in only one sprite on the screen because the sprite is "moved" from center to 0,0

So if you want to change brush without layers i think it would be like this :
(then you click at the rotate button)
SelectBrush(1) Cls EndSelect() DisplayBrush(1,#center,#center)

written from my head so i hope it would work... pecaN

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Re: Replacing Brushes

Post by djrikki » Thu Apr 28, 2011 12:08 pm


Thanks Pecan, I'll take a look at the sprite command set this morning.

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