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Recommendation for ScoreBoard app ?

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 8:59 pm
by seventhwonder

It's my first post here.

I will be working on digital scoreboard software (for snooker, pool, billiard). Target arch is Android, Windows and AmigaOS4.

What should I use for preparing a GUI e.t.c ?

Hollywood Designer , RapaGUI ?

Looking forward to your recommendations and comments ?


Re: Recommendation for ScoreBoard app ?

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 10:06 pm
by Bugala
I am having difficulty in grasping the idea.

I suppose you mean it is going to be a software that will display for example on android phone something that resembles the digital scoreboard. Right?

Then next question is that is the user himself going to be putting those scores there or is there some automatic system there, and whos scores are there going to be etc.

Also, is this going to be put to some pub, or is this meant to be used by private people or what?

Right now while your explanation seemed to be precise, i cant really figure out what you are planning to do, but this might also be because i dont go to play snooker etc. That closest example I can think of is that I have couple of times went to play bowling with my family, so that is only scoreboard that comes to my mind, and I am not sure what your intention is.

Re: Recommendation for ScoreBoard app ?

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:10 pm
by seventhwonder
Thanks for your reply.

What I am planning to da a software version of this electronic scoreboard. (which is common in pubs) ... ts-Innings

The software will run on on Android Tablet or PC which is connected to a LED TV.

The users (billiard players) will press the touch screen to increase their score as they score in the billiard game.
Also some stats from the game will be displayed additionally.

Re: Recommendation for ScoreBoard app ?

Posted: Sat Jul 21, 2018 11:46 pm
by Bugala
Okay, Now i got as far as i can get it basically, since as i mentioned in previous answer, I have never seen billiard scoring board, even less a pub version of it. Hence I am bit of guessing here.

But I suppose it is basically quite simple app, that basically it is showing numbers, and when you touch a screen, bit like touching "+" or "-" button, it changes the score. Although i suppose there is some own logic to the scoring, that instead of going +1 until infinity like in simple "+". "-" button system it would, in this case it might automatically change a round or something at certain point, and perhaps you can even get different amount of points depending what you did.

However, if this is basically what it does, then this sounds simple enough program, that you could just use Hollywoods own Layer and Button systems to do this.

Basically I would see that at simplest you draw a box which becames a layer, and then you make this layer become a button. Inside this box you write some text, like "+" for example.

Then there will be some texts, which you can do using "TextOut" command, and you also give a name to these textoutputs:

Code: Select all

TextOut(50, 300, "0", {name="player1score"})
This is so that at later point you can use:

Code: Select all

SetLayerStyle("player1score", {text=newscore})
And this way those points get updated.

That is pretty much it. I believe that if this program is as simple as it seems to me, then this will be pretty sufficient for it.
However, if you are planning to sell it for income, then you could use fellow forum member Allanons HGUI to make sure that all those boxes look exactly same on each device.

For one slight problem with Hollywood is, that for example text might display slightly differently on different platforms, it isnt a big difference, but in case you are going for very specific design, like want some letter to start from some specific pixel, then the regular Hollywood might fail on that on different platforms. However, if you leave a tiny bit of space everywhere, then there shouldnt be any problems, as this difference between platforms is very minor.