What exactly is Stackoverflow?

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Re: What exactly is Stackoverflow?

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As long as the error line is right, then that one is not being called ercursively, although i cant rule out a possiblity that from where it comes from would be somehow being called recursively, but if that be the case, then it would be strange it woudl always crash on very same spot, which itself doesnt do anything cursive.

The table it uses is created on a fly, but that code is never cursive or having functions or other tables in sense of itemx = tablex. And at the point it crashes, it is even more limited since the crash happened at tutorial level 2, at which point he has only three different command to use, which i already showed in table form on that one, so all are in way of table[x]={ item=textvariable, item=textvariable }

and variable is text only.

There is actually even a limit of only 5 lines like that on that specific place, hence, either feather happens to break camels back at exactly that moment, or problem is with ListItems() itself. Based upon TableItems working better, I would bet on ListItems() problem.

If it would be somewhere else in code, there would be possiblity of cursive callings based upon the shape of tables, but that specific place is exceuted only in that one place, and at that point in game I cant see anyway, except cheating (which he didnt do) that he would get there anything more complicated.

But anyway, problem is fixed already, first put the tableitems, and then changed it to repeat-until loop, since anyway i know the tables created are in way of [0], [1], [2]..

so i simply used n=n+1 and then if haveitem(table, n)...

to solve the problem.

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