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point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:43 pm
by stefff285
hello there !
so many time i didn't found the time to salute you from ages :-(
so then i come to you with a big project to do for years: a point & c lick game to be coded
for linux, windows, osx but also android.

as i do animation, cartoon at my spare time, i think i won't have problems to do the gfx and animations
and two cool friends will do the translations and the sound desing

so then ^^

i come to you to ask you what you think which knowledge i have to learn, as screen scale, character animation
and then. no dialogue by vocals but written dialogue.

it's a big project and i will put an animated introduction.

HA and after all i would like to port it on os4 and morphOS

kindly regards and have a good day


Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Wed Feb 14, 2018 3:35 pm
by stefff285
ok i have to learn (in some moths about december 2018 after IT studing) animated sprites and its moves.
also collisions and variables for all
kind of think i do not know actually but going to learn
see you later there is a lot of tuto to see and applicate :)

Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:30 pm
by stefff285
ok not answer for it ^^

ok i go to explain further :) so i am actually in formation of internet worker but i have the dream to make a point and click vidéo game for
all amiga ng, linux, win, osx and android. the fact is i could use a game maker wich is terrible (java platform so not for amiga ng :( ) but
i would like to include cinematics as i done animated movies since 1993 and have now the enterly animation workflow under linux ^^
ok i have a cooool friend who can make me all sounds and soundtracks, an english friend for all translations and then the time to make it ^^

i come to you to ask you any advices: the fact is i failed to make an animated sprite but as there are so many cool tutorials here, i will go
find the way to make it. as a point and click game (adventure cartoon game) i think coding about:

- space the hero is able to walk in
- charracter collissions
- how to protect the vidéo game ? in the game maker i think it's possible but java is too much for me ^^
- opengl accelerations for big resolutions so is it possible to go to 4k ?
- variable for objetc as which is taken, which makes this solution possible

and so many questions

if i succed in code (the animations and gfx are my cup of tea, see i think the amiga ng versions will be cheap or free
it will be cool to make a personnal game as absurd and grotesk i can do

thanx a lot by advance for advices and have a gooooood day



Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 5:44 pm
by xabierpayet
nice project, your work is interesting, and hollywood is perfect for point&click games, about the sprites, programs as lightwave
can export anim frames as sprites in png format with alphachnnel

Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Sat Mar 03, 2018 6:21 pm
by stefff285
hello xavier
yes thanx a lot ! i go investigate some more after my studies but yes it's a dream to make :)
hollywood is the perfect tool ! and using opengl accéleration is perfect i think :)
i think it will take me some years but well why not ? i did made animated film "henriette" during a
year and a half so no problem for me to build this vidéo game
thanx a lot yet


Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2018 10:33 am
by stefff285
hello xavier :)
yes i forgot to answer you about the gfx to make.
i go make all this in 2d way, because of unknowledge in 3d graphics and i "know" to animate in 2d.
all under linux workflow: opentoonz + natron + kdenlive + hollywood linux + all necessarry software
it will take me some time to make some sprites tests but i will at first read alllll the tutorials here
on this forum !

Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 6:24 pm
by stefff285
hello people

ok i am back ^^ just to ask you: as i am and still be a noob, do you think i could make a cool code
as routines for sprites move, space to move on, collisions, interactions with objetct etc
the fact is i have to make some plans to make the code and i think to make sub routines as
other hws files to include ? it would be cool i go make during a year to make sure all the code
will be fine !
and how could you protect a vidéo game ? yes i know it is too much as i still be a noob but
i would like to include some protection for it, it is a big projetct and it would be cool to protect it

be sure i will do it, it's a project for 4 years with many levels and cartoon way with freaks :)

regards to all of you

yogib33r / NoExtra ^ Vital-Motion! ^ X-Men

Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 6:54 pm
by Bugala
Having difficulty in understanding what you are trying to ask specifically, I am giving more general answer.

When thinking of what to do, will depend upon what kind of point n click to do. As example, making eye view Point n click (Think "Rise of the Dragon" for example), it is much easier than ones with actual characters walking around. In eyepoint you basically just put objects or hotspots on screen and then stuff happens when you interact with them and you dont need to worry much about things that might happen if player does something.

When there is a walking character, things become much more difficult. There comes things like should there be some sort of semi 3D in it, like if there is table in middle of a room, then should character be able to walk both in front of the table, as well as back of the table, making it in some sense 3D. There are still easy ways to achieve this, as long as you take it into consideration in your design. As example, you could simply look your characters bottom Y-Coordinate and Tables Y-Coordinate, and decide that which ever is higher, will be the one on top of the other.

But one of the hardest things is the actual walking paths. In this you can once again have some short cuts to make it easier. You could for example make several rectangle spaces to your room, and when one of these rectangle areas are being clicked, your character would move to that rectangles predecided coordinates. Good thing is, that this would make it possible for your character to move around with very little hassle, but problem is that you would be able to move your character just two pixels more towards right, as you would in practice have for example only 8 different locations where your character can come.

One way to make more freedom to movement would be to make hidden 2 color background (hidden in sense that you have a screen that is not shown ever), you compare the characters x,y to that screens x,y. If that area is black, you let the character walk, if it is white, you stop the character (making it in practice, not a path). This would let player freely move in your screen, but problem is that suppose you are at bottom left corner of screen, and then you want to go to top left corner of the screen. Good otherwise, except in this example case, your pathway is horseshoe in sideways. This means that your character tries to move directly up, but is then stuck in middle, because there is no direct path to top left corner, but you would need to go to right first.

Therefore, either you leave it as it is, or then you have to figure out a way to do path finding. Path finding can once again be done several ways, one way is to use those beofre mentioned rectangle areas as helpers, that where ever inside that rectangle your character is, it would move to that rectangles center coordinates first, and then continue along to other rectangles coordinates, until it reaches the finald coordinates rectangle and then moves freely to the actual chosen x,y location.

Anyway, depending upon your solution, actual movement could be the biggest problem you encounter. Of course, once again, you could just use that black and white background to set the pathways, and leave it for player himself to navigate it through. It might not be the most stylish solution, but it is somewhat easy to do.

Re: point & clicl project and some questions

Posted: Tue May 01, 2018 7:07 pm
by stefff285
hello bugala and thanx a lot for answer and help ^^

yes invisible map as map where the character(s) could walk. i saw it with a point & click engine but not tried anyway to do it.
yes about this mal. i have to script all this, code with passion and during a year to make all code for and test it time to time :)
please accept mu appologies my english is poor but the fact by hollywood mal to display one day this project on amiga ng
would be cool !

i go see all this in january 2019, i'm studing networks actually and have no time for

regards and thx yet


p.s: here it the link to the universe i want to choose for the game, it is a tv project never published:
in french in the text sorry

regards :)