Windows IDE , Line numbering

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Windows IDE , Line numbering

Post by plouf »

specially useful for debuger
when it says error in line 123 ... have to count line to find ..

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Re: Windows IDE , Line numbering

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Sorry, but this is not likely to come. The RichEdit control used by the Windows IDE is a pain in the a** to program and a seemingly trivial thing like adding line numbers would actually be a huge amount of work which isn't worth the effort IMHO.

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Re: Windows IDE , Line numbering

Post by amyren »

The Windows IDE does show the curser position in the statusline at the bottom, line number and column.
Just scroll to an aproximate position and click to place the cursor and you will know where you are and how many lines up/down you need to move.
It would be hopeless to locate a line within a 3000+ lines script without it.

Besides, when running the script from the IDE, the IDE usually will jump to and highlight the line with the error for you.

If visible line numbering is that important to you, you may try Notepad++ and the Hollywood plugin found at the hollywood download area.

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Re: Windows IDE , Line numbering

Post by Clyde »

... or my extension for Visual Studio Code (viewtopic.php?f=13&t=2424). *shameless promotion* ;-) :-)

Which will get some nice updates soon, btw (thanks to mrupp!) ... :-)
Currently using: Hollywood 9 with Windows IDE and Hollywood 8 with Visual Studio Code and hw4vsc

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