MMMooore functions for (Protracker) modules

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MMMooore functions for (Protracker) modules

Post by jPV »

I can't see options for these with a quick look at least:

1) Pattern and song postitions can be get, but how about the total length of the song?
2) It would be really nice to get the sample names from the module, there's useful information usually.
3) Would be nice to get module played once, and not looping.
4) OnMusicEnd event when modules have reached the end
5) Woud be nice to get song data (notes and commands) in some form... maybe whole pattern as table at once.

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Re: MMMooore functions for (Protracker) modules

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

I'll take a look at number 1, 3, and 4. Numbers 2 and 5 are rather special interest and of not much use for normal people. But you could easily write these things on your own... parsing a Protracker module isn't very difficult at all and it's a nice exercise :)

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Re: MMMooore functions for (Protracker) modules

Post by Bugala »

I second jPVs requests, sounds like useful ones, except for the 2 and 5, which sound like i would like to have, but dont really see actually using them.

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Re: MMMooore functions for (Protracker) modules

Post by evil »

On!/T ... le_Format/ there is a pretty good Description of the Protracker-format.

I Used this guide to get Song and Sample-Information for my Mod-Explorer.

With mor investigations, I think, you will also get informations about the notes!

Good Luck!


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