Group Objects

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Group Objects

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1st wish for Designer:

Group Objects

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Re: Group Objects

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I second this wish.

Group/Ungroup would make whole world of difference in usage to Designer.

Wishes are that this group would work so that you could hide/show the same way as objects (or perhaps rather Activate/deactivate, but i think better stick to hide/show to keep commands fewer).

This would work so that say have group of 3 layers, rectangle, text, and highlight rectangle. Then i would have this so that rectangle and text would be shown, but highlight rectangle would be hidden. So now if i hide the group, it would hide all those three objects. If i would choose to show that group. it would show all but that one highlight rectangle, since at point you clicked hide on that group, that highlight rectangle was hidden. So basically it would just hide all inside group and then show would return them to state at which they were before Hide button was clicked.

I for example many times do buttons so that there is first dark and bright rectangle to make it look like its getting highlighted when mouse is moved on top of it, on top of that, there is usually also text, and sometimes even much more.

But now if i want to reposition this button, i have to moce all three independently, and its bit hard to get them exactly on top of each other. With group i could just move the group and they would all move at once. It would really make Deisgners usability go much forward.

Another example is that I have this 1920x1080 project right now and when i change page, it takes quite long for it to load the next page (on amikit). Now suppose I want to copy one button (with three objects) from one page to other. That means i would need to switch forth and back several times (first using copy on first page, then paste on second page) and each time I would need to wait for that while that it takes for it to load. This is quite a slow down. With group option, i could group those buttons, and Copy-Paste the group and hence need only load both pages once.

Or especially if i would copy say 5 buttons like this, that would mean 15 different objects and 30 times back and forth each time loading long. Or with group, just once group and copy on first page, and then just paste on second page.

Hard to Imagine anymore anything that would improve designers usability more than group/ungroup option.

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Re: Group Objects

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Yes, I fully agree here. It has been planned since a long time. Maybe it will make it into the next release.

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