Hotkeys for commands.

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Hotkeys for commands.

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This is actually two part wish.

First one is where this idea came from.

I was having these several object where I was practically doing same Hide Object / Show Object routines to them. What was slightly annoying was that I wanted to do one object at a time, which meant I would first do two "Show Object" scripts, and then two "Hide Object" scripts, and then moving on to next object.

It is great that Designer preselects the last used command, because this way in practice I was able to do so that first I did two "Show Objects", then two "Hide Objects", after which I moved to the next object, and first did two "Hide Objects", since "Hide Object" command was preselected still, so this helped.

However, it was still annoying when I would continuously have to move between "Hide Object" and "Show Object" command.
What however would help is that when the list of commands is displayed, if I would then press for example "S" from keyboard, it would move to the first command that starts with letter S. This would make using this much more comfortable as when I would keep moving between "Show Object" and "Hide Object", I could simply keep pressing "S" and "H" from keyboard and get pretty close to my target immediately.

Now the other idea that came to my mind was that it would also be handy if there would be a way to set hotkeys myself to execute some certain commands.

That as an example I could set "Hide Object" to "H" and "Show Object" to "S" myself.

That I would simply click on Object, then push "S" from the keyboard, and it would automatically go to that script place and already select the "Show Object" and now only ask which Object I wish to show. This would really speed up development of project in Designer especially for me, since my main use for Designer is to make mockups of my game ideas to see how they look and feel.

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Re: Hotkeys for commands.

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Wouldn't be too much work to add this I guess, I'll see what can be done.

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