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Hollywood with Designer Tutorial2-First steps to programming

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2015 6:21 pm
by Bugala
Hollywood with Designer Tutorial 2 - First steps into programming.

I have finally made the second tutorial video and it is currently available only from indiego: (also made with hollywood)

I am going to make it available for free about a month later, but for this about one month, it will cost 1 euro and you can either buy amicoins to be used in indiego or simply buy access to those videos from: (it is mentioned in front page)

Reason why I am making this available for price only for one month is because I was able to make this video as i changed computer and got another trial for Camtasia Studio, but now I am once again out of trial time, and I havent been able to justify to myself to buy it yet.

Hence, if you wish to support my effort of having made those tutorial videos,
you now have a chance to get early access to tutorial 2, by buying it for 1 Euro.

I dont guarantee that i will buy camtasia / demobuilder with that money, nor do i guarantee of making any more tutorial videos even if i do buy either of them. I can just say, that i do have a plan for next video already, plus I would like to finish tutorial video 3 as well.

If you wish to make even bigger support, then I can sell you any english Amiga Future magazine number with cd (and even some earlier german ones) for 25 euros, postage and tax included in the price, delivered anywhere legally possible, and without costing more than the revenue is, hence, dont except me to deliver the magazine to moon. Plus, of course also giving you access to tutorial 2 both through indiego as well as on youtube (I have uploaded it there already, but it is currently set as private).

I have bought couple of extra copies of each english Amiga Future magazine numbers, but depending upon number, theres usually 2 - 5 copies left of each number, and especially earlier numbers condition might not be that good, since it took a while before they figured how to mail them without mailman destroying their condition. Hence, if you are looking for collection copy - ask first.

Also, some of the earlier numbers sometimes came with too few cds, hence, if you are not interested in having cd, let me know and i can send you one without if i have fewer cds than magazines of that number, as is the case with some numbers.

If you wish to buy one, then send me email at ugalabugala-you know the with topic "Hollywood Tutorial Video Amiga Future Offer".

I will accept payments mainly through paypal, but i can try figure out alternatives as well. Notice that i have never done this before, so give me some time to figure out how to send invoice through paypal to you. Also, notice I keep checking my email every now on then only, hence it might take some time for whole thing to get processed.

If you do not wish to use money to support this, then you have alternative.
In Indiego they seem to be giving each month 10 euros to each top 10 developers. At this point it is still only a very few downloads needed to become one of the top 10 developers (good tip for you others too). Hence, by going to indiego and downloading my free game "Help My Cat!" (made with hollywood) or downloading incomplete tutorial 3 video, you can also easily give your support, by simply using some time.

"Help my Cat!" Game you can find under category "adventure".
Tutorial 3 you can find from under platform "hollywood" under cateogry "education" / "tutorial"

And as mentioned, there is also incomplete version of tutorial 3 only available through indiego currently. I used another video recorder software to make it, but unfortunately ran out of trial time. I got by guess, about 40 percent of that tutorial 3 done. There should be 15 - 25 minutes more of that, had i been able to complete it.

I am giving incomplete tutorial 3 for free, unlike tutorial 2, both because it is incomplete, but mainly because I am planning of asking in amiga forums if there is interest to group buy (to make price cheaper) either camtasia studio or demobuilder (which was used for tutorial 3).

Finally. Notice that tutorial 2s audio quality is terrible. Unfortunately i lost most of the trial time before i figured out what was wrong with my microphone connection (windows 7 settings problem), and hence when i finally got to do it, and after i noticed how bad the sound quality was, i didnt have time to redo the voice recording anymore if i wanted to be able to finish the video at all. Towards end of tutorial, there might be even difficulty in understanding what i am saying. However, i believe you can still follow what is happening thanks to video showing it.

Re: Hollywood with Designer Tutorial2-First steps to program

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 5:34 pm
by Bugala
Tutorial 2 is now available for free.

In my effort to trying to get to be one of the top 10 developers for march to get the prize money, It is only available from Indiego at this point.

Re: Hollywood with Designer Tutorial2-First steps to program

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:17 pm
by Bugala
Incomplete Tutorial 3 is now available from youtube as well:

Tutorial 2 available only from Indiego still.

Re: Hollywood with Designer Tutorial2-First steps to program

Posted: Sun Feb 28, 2016 5:07 pm
by Bugala
Lets put here too: Tutorial 2 now publicly available from Youtube:

Remember that you can get the tutorial as one video instead of in two parts for free from Indiego Appstore:

Not to mention this tutorial have been available from there for free for about a year already.