fonction() ?

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fonction() ?

Post by stefff285 » Tue Dec 11, 2012 1:59 pm

hi all

i do being back on hollywood, for fonctions for example

ok i prefer explain you what i would like to script


a double mp3 pack from musicians of our demomaking team
as all in mp3

i did the main plan as this

1) logo
2) presents
3) you have there the choice between jayblood chiptune artist, and kioniro lmms artist
4) you choice and here is the part i have problems

even you choice one or another, you have to guide a sprite by clicking the item
(representing one mp3) and when it touches it, the script play the song

so i have two fonctions, one for the main sprite and collision and the other
for the mp3 choiced

i thought about fonction in a fonction but artblink told me past a time that it would
be a wrong choice

if anybody have a solution to tell me pleaz do :)

regards to all hollywood members and especially to andreas who is a pure good software maker


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