Aspect ratio not working in MorphOS

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Aspect ratio not working in MorphOS

Post by amyren »

I found that in MorphOS the option to keep aspect ratio when resizing objects does not work. Ticking that option does not change anything.
This might be a MorphOS / MUI bug. If I knew which MUI class this sorts under I could check the versions on these systems.

For the same operation in AmigaOS4 or OS3, it works. Changing the X value automaticly change the Y value accordingly.

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Re: Aspect ratio not working in MorphOS

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Yes, that's a MorphOS MUI bug/feature. The MorphOS team are aware of it but I don't think they are going to fix it. I think for some reason they didn't like this MUI feature (edit hooks) and left it out on MorphOS.

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Re: Aspect ratio not working in MorphOS

Post by emeck »

I forgot about this:


So, after about 7 years I asked MOS develpers and they told me that MUIA_String_EditHook was phased out of MOS more than 15 years ago.

They say that instead of hooks, subclassing is how it works now.
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