hollywood app index ( hollywood bog)

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hollywood app index ( hollywood bog)

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hey there all of you i have an idear. what about make an " highscore " list or hollywood app boog index thing.
i think of a list were pepole can type in there programs made with hollywood. an descripe them,like to them and soforth.
i was troobling to find some apps made with hollywood i was that there was made this dental chanel and som samm games.
but what do you all think og an central database thing were pepole can se what programs that has been made and with some screenshots and were to buy..

i think of it as an old fashion phonebook thing..

what do you pepole think of it. its just a suggestion

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Re: hollywood app index ( hollywood bog)

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That could be interesting to check and see. I would also think it would be good to do at least some minimum categorising on them, like putting them on software and games, and freeware and commercial.

By the way, here are couple of examples of made with Hollywood: http://www.hollywood-mal.com/screenshots.html

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