H7 install on non admin W7 pc

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H7 install on non admin W7 pc

Post by ilbarbax »

Got Hollywood 7 and I wanted to install it on my company laptop (Window 7) as it was for 6.1.

The problem is that in the meantime my IT decided to remove the admin privileges to all the company pc of course including mine. I had to ask a personal favor to a guy to install H7 for me on my laptop. Now I discovered that I would have to query his help for any plug in I need.
To avoid that is there a way to place elsewhere the plug ins and make the IDE working properly anyway? I tried to put them on the application dir but seems not working.


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Re: H7 install on non admin W7 pc

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

Just copy your Hollywood installation from C:\Program Files to somewhere else where you have full access rights, e.g. your user app data folder. Then delete Hollywood from C:\Program Files. It's not necessary to install it in C:\Program Files at all.

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