Does it work on Windows 98?

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Does it work on Windows 98?

Post by Bugala »

I remember on official press release you mentioned it works Win 2000 Above.

But have you tested it on 98 at all, or do you know that there is some reason it definately wont work on 98?

For i would have 100 Mhz laptop with 98. Im sure its not powerful enough to run much anything, but if i could anyway use that IDE to programming, it would be useful already, and i could forget my plan of buying better laptop. For my main reason of buying better laptop was originally to get Amikit and Hollywood running on it.

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Re: Does it work on Windows 98?

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

I've not tested it with Windows 98 but I'm using APIs that are not available in Windows 98 so it's pretty unlikely that it will work in 98. I would say chances are 98% that it won't work :)

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