Amiga/MorphOS and utf

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Amiga/MorphOS and utf

Post by zylesea »

Well, I haven't thought much about text encoding before... But with Hollywood supporting utf text for a while now it's time to care about it...

First: Does Cubic support utf? I haven't found anaything about it. Would be a pity if it doesn't as I like the Cubic Hollywood plugin quite a lot.

On projects that require utf encoding I switched to Scribble for now - which of course is a great editor, but no hollywood syntax highlighting etc.
In another thread there was talk about FlowStudio going to support Hollywood - would be great, any news on that?

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Re: Amiga/MorphOS and utf

Post by airsoftsoftwair »

No, Cubic unfortunately doesn't support UTF. I talked to Dietmar about it and unfortunately, he's not going to do it, even though it really wouldn't be much work for basic UTF-8 support through codesets.library or charsets.library. It could be hacked into Cubic by hacking xpkmaster.library which Cubic supports but of course that's not really an elegant solution...

Your best bet is FlowStudio. Just nag Nicolas about it. I already gave him a copy of Hollywood to make FlowStudio support Hollywood (without any obligations). I think it might motivate him if he sees there's demand for it so don't hesitate to ask him.

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