(coding) How to make user Interactive functions in a row?

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Re: (coding) How to make user Interactive functions in a row

Post by Bugala » Tue Jul 11, 2017 1:35 pm

I just realised one more benefit worth mentioning about Observer pattern, although this can actually be used by Gamestates too.

For this is a way to avoid having any need to change the original functions code.

For so far i have thought if i have a:

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function IDontWantToChange()
   debugprint("This is the function I dont want to change")
Then if i would want to use gamestate or observer, I would need to add at end of function either:

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Observer:Inform("Message to tell to observers")

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gamestate = #NEXT_PLAYER_TURN
But actually there is better way to do this, i can leave the original function as it is, and instead make a new function which calls that original function and then sends the necessary message or makes the gamestate change, ie.

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Function MyMessageSendingFunction()
   Observer:Inform("MyMessageSendingFunction sending message here")
or even have several of them for different situations:

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function FirstCase()
   gamestate = #FIRST_PLAYER_TURN

Function SecondCase()
   gamestate = #SECOND_PLAYER_TURN
Now depending upon situation, i can call FirstCase() or SecondCase()

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