Scaling Advice needed.

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Scaling Advice needed.

Post by Bugala » Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:30 am

Main problem is that I didnt know how hollywood works out scaling and now my code is working bit wrong way.

What I noticed is that since my code does both scaling bigger as well as smaller, Hollywood doesnt automatically use the original size when making new scale sizes but uses the latest version, which means that scaling to 1x1 pixel size, and then to 100x100 size, gives me one big one colored rectangle.

Solution seems to be keeping original brush separate and making copies of it for scaling.

However, I have been using animations instead of brushes. I have been using 2 frame animations. 1 for face up and one for backside of the card. However, in practice I havent used this backside at all, hence i could change them into brushes, but at this point it is lot of trouble and risky, since i might cause some unintended bug that way if I am doing something animation specific (i dont think i do, but cant remember at this point anymore).

Hence I have couple of questions regarding this:

1. Can i replace animation frame on a fly? By otherwords, i would scale the new size from the original brush and then copy it to that frame that is shown.

2. If i change my code so that i take anims away and use simply brushes, i still have the question of how do i apply the scaled brush to my old brush?

as example, this is how i would like to do it:

ID = ScaleBrush(OriginalBrushID, width, height)
ApplyToOldBrush(ID, OldInUseBrushID)

but is this possible in any way?

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