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Postby Allanon » Sat Sep 03, 2016 12:44 am

I noticed that the HiScore screen seems to not clear the names and scores when switching to the normal/easy/insane scores, they get overwritten.

There should be a blur effect that smoothly overwrite the previous scores... maybe I can add a switch in the config file to set it on and off.

When switching to fullscreen, a screenmode is choosen which can't be displayed on my monitor because of the low kHz value:
SCREEN "" Radeon9700Mob 24Bit 800 x 600 [36.000 kHz, 60 Hz] (0,0,800x600x8)
I didn't have this mode in my display modes list.

In the current build GEMZ tries to open a screen of the same size of the current window, the default resolution infact is 800x600.
Using the left bottom tiny buttons in the language selection screen you can switch predefined window's sizes (effects, particles, and other things) that are:
- 1024x768
- 800x600
- 640x480
- 540x480
You can change these sizes editing the file <data/gamedef.txt>
In the next version I will put a smarter mode to select the full screen resolution :)

And why does it take so much CPU time?

There are two reasons:
- The graphics is rendered using the CPU, in the next version I will use OpenGL to make the game smoother and with a very little CPU load
- The default setting tries to render a frame every 5ms, but still waiting for the vertical blank each frame.
If you like you can try to change these values editing the file <data/enginedef.txt> and see if you can find a good combination for your machine :)

If you find a good balance let me know!
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