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Self compiling

Postby lazi » Sat May 07, 2016 10:19 pm

I found very practical for simple C sources to have the compile command line included in the beginning of the source.
Something like this:

gcc -o bmodx bmodx.c -nostdlib
strip -R.comment bmodx

#include <proto/dos.h>

And here can continue the C cource.

When you execute the source as a DOS script, it will create the executable and you can keep everything in one file.
Now I decided to try it with Hollywood.

The problem is that you can not use ;/* because after the semicolon the rest is ignored by the Hollywood interpreter.
On the other hand you can not use /* because that does not mean a remark for a DOS script.

The solution looks like this:
Code: Select all
/* "Assembling release pack"
hollywood Hollywood:Projects/SQLMan/SQLMan.hws -compile ram:SQLMan -exetype classic881|classic|amigaos4|morphos|aros -linkplugins xmlparser.hwp|muiroyale.hwp|sqlite3.hwp -overwrite -compress -quiet
Echo "OS4..."
copy ram:SQLMan_OS4 to hollywood:projects/sqlman/sqlman/Amiga_OS4/
echo "OS3 FPU..."
copy ram:SQLMan_68881 to hollywood:projects/sqlman/sqlman/Amiga_OS3/
echo "OS3 non FPU..."
copy ram:SQLMan_OS3 to hollywood:projects/sqlman/sqlman/Amiga_OS3/
echo "MOS..."
copy ram:SQLMan_MorphOS to hollywood:projects/sqlman/sqlman/MorphOS/
echo "Aros..."
copy ram:SQLMan_Aros to hollywood:projects/sqlman/sqlman/Arosi386/

@DISPLAY {hidden=True}
@REQUIRE "sqlite3",1,0
@REQUIRE "muiroyale",{version=1,revision=2}   
Here can continue the Hollywood script.

The trick is that you have to add a shell alias for /* before executing the Hollywood script:
Code: Select all
New Shell process 11
11.WorkBench:> alias /* echo
11.WorkBench:> execute Tool:Hollywood/Projects/SQLMan/SQLMan.hws
Assembling release pack
OS3 FPU...
OS3 non FPU...

You may add alias permanently.
This way you can set compiling parameters and do not need to maintain a separate file for it. The above example not just compile the script for several platforms, it copies the executables to the desired drawers.

I hope you found it useful.

(Of course it is working on Amiga like systems, where everything is possible just as you imagined!)

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Re: Self compiling

Postby airsoftsoftwair » Sun May 08, 2016 10:02 pm

Interesting, a quite creative solution to this problem :)
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Re: Self compiling

Postby bitRocky » Wed May 11, 2016 4:15 pm

And if you set the "s" bit to the source file, you don't even need the Execute command!
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